Insolve365 with its highly specialised team will ensure that each client is provided the best possible solution, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Through our innovative and tailored process, you will be able to exercise greater control over the transaction as oppose to formal insolvency processes associated with Winding Up Petition where a liquidation order is issued by court if debts are not paid, which means the time is up and your company is being wound up, the liquidator is appointed, the investigation into the company’s affairs will start and The Insolvency Service is going to be contacting you shortly.

To avoid a rather harsh and costly process of liquidation, Insolve365 can through a legal process immediately buy your insolvent company even if it has no assets and negotiate the best possible outcome.

  • The transaction through a direct sale of the insolvent company dramatically reduces time and costs usually associated with formal insolvency process, engaging insolvency practitioners, and initiating CVA, CVL, liquidation, winding up or administration. It also eliminates adverse opportunities for third parties, such as creditors or suppliers to disrupt the continuation of your business and its reputation.
  • A sale of the company to an independent buyer, before the formal insolvency process in court is initiated, provides a high level of credibility and transparency. You as the seller will clearly demonstrate to creditors and third parties that the sale of your company is perceived as having been done in an utterly transparent and legitimate way.
  • As not all buyers are always interested in particular assets; in a particular transaction, you as the business owner might be able to keep the assets, such as contracts, employees, etc. and thus continue your focus and efforts on trading in a new debt free company and business without any disturbances and burden.
  • The sale of your company to an independent buyer will also have a positive effect on your reputation as an owner or director, as well as the reputation of your business and its management amongst creditors, suppliers, customers and others outside the company.

Subsequently upon a sale of your company you will also receive the Release of Liability Declaration which will release you from all company liabilities and further responsibilities.

When we buy your company, you will also be immediately released from all further responsibility for proper maintenance and management of the accounting records.